alternative pronoun lifehack

get your friend who ~won’t use those made up pronouns~ to consider the linguistic possibilities available to them by setting their phone to autocorrect she/her/hers and he/him/his to the pronouns of your choosing


I follow @KristyT on Twitter and she let me know about a project that she created with @tiffani (#DetroitWater) to help Detroit residents with their water costs. Their website is and there you can confidentially donate to cover a person’s bill. 

Detroit has the highest percentage of Black residents compared to any other major U.S. city, and as I wrote about in Black In The 99%, race is most certainly forever intertwined with class and poverty; these cannot be extracted from each other, especially in a country where its very financial system and imperialistic power would not exist without enslavement and genocide. There is no way to extract the economic violence being committed upon Detroit residents from racial histories. 

According to RH Reality Check, "in Detroit, the cost of water is nearly twice the national average, and approximately half of the city’s customers owe outstanding balances on their water bills. But let’s situate this against a broader historical and sociopolitical backdrop. By 2011, half of Detroit’s working-age population was unemployed, and only 27 percent had full-time work. Nearly one in five Detroit residents were below the poverty line. Approximately three in five children were living in households headed by single mothers (see Rose Brewer’s article on the prison industrial complex). Moreover, these statistics are significantly worse for the city’s Black and Latino residents.” 

People simply cannot go without water and while this entire situation is larger than just “unpaid bills” but are acts of violence against these residents amidst larger economic and racial disenfranchisement, with the recent 15 day suspension on the human-made drought, hopefully no other excuses can be used to harm these people if they’re able to pay the bills. This isn’t about lack of “personal responsibility” creating negligence over a “luxury” but about systemic poverty, capitalism, privatization and WATER. 

Again, if you want to support Detroit residents through a confidential donation via this fundraiser created by two thoughtful Black women, visit:

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I keep seeing posts that say help Detroiter’s pay water bills (and that’s cool, don’t get me wrong), but where are the posts that say demand the water company cuts the shit back on?

Are people missing the stories of the people who have paid and still have no water?

Y’all don’t really think this is about not paying the bill, right?

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started watching masterchef junior

::i regret nothing::

Birth plan suggestion: “in the event of ‘ambiguous’ genitalia”…


If you’re creating a birth plan, consider writing out specific NON-consent to any form of surgical intervention in the event of the birth of an infant whose genitalia are considered by any care provider to be in any way “ambiguous.”

Recent legal cases concerning intersex people subjected to such surgeries without consent are cautiously promising; having a written refusal of consent could make the difference in at least some cases.

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Bottom surgery for dysphoric trans folk is ‘cosmetic’ but nonconsensual genital alteration on intersex infants is ‘corrective’ and necessary?!!!

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The South Portland City Council just voted 6 to 1 to pass the Clear Skies Ordinance and keep our beautiful city tar sands free! Please SHARE to spread the good news. The oil industry is not invincible, and tar sands are not inevitable. Power to the people!

THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Of Al Aqsa hospital in Deir Al Balah that was attacked by Israeli tanks today

This is a war crime.
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Too Big to Punish?
The chemical leak at Freedom Industries into the Elk River impacted the drinking water of more than 300,000 residents.


Too Big to Punish?

The chemical leak at Freedom Industries into the Elk River impacted the drinking water of more than 300,000 residents.


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wait til everyone just entering the x-files fandom gets to that meta season that’s like “what if all this alien shit is just a distraction from the fucked up shit the government is ACTUALLY doing rn?” and mulder’s like fuck aliens, there’s some real shit happening. and you’re like, buzz kill mulder! what about the chem trails and the illuminati?!


Beyond the Shelter Doors, a short documentary on White Buffalo Calf Woman Society, is available for viewing on YouTube; I encourage all to learn more about the beautiful, courageous woman Tillie Black Bear was and the impacts she has made by watching the video.

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  • me: *orders 20 different seed packs of Nasturtium cultivars online*
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been feeling a bit of a bug coming on so i brewed some mullein and thyme tea last night. it was barely 12oz so i drank it all this morning, and now my nose is a little runny. thanks expectorant herbs! good job

fun fact that i learned later that day:

when working with plants high in mucilage, when you want what’s in the mucilage to get into your tea (think comfrey but also mullein)
susan weed was on herb mentor radio and she said that if you have a mucilaginous herb in your tea mix, go ahead and make the tea and enjoy, but set aside the spent herbs and soak them in cold water. then bring that cold water to a boil for a second tea.

apparently mucilage like extracts or whatever in cold water, not hot. so by starting it in cold, you can get the most out of your medicine by doing that with those herbs. not all herbs! just the ones with mucilage. the tea will be thicker, more gel-like, but still drinkable liquid.

i did that and it was cool to see how that happened.

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lol that person who doesn’t like the pb + y snack because “”my pre-med friend was wrong”“, that having too much protein is “”the most common problem”“

bruh i said i work a physical job bruh

bruh 30g protein eaten over the course of an hour as my dinner or after-work snack isn’t gonna kill me bruh

especially when the same institute recommending roughly .4g protein per pound of body weight are also recommending 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. i do like 10-18x that much “exercise” during an average shift. i think we’re talking about an exceptional need to eat more than the “”average”” person.